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Our protection

Find out how to stay secure

Your security is our paramount concern. Our BusinessOnline service has been designed to provide security that is among the best in the market place.

Access is restricted to registered users and controlled by a comprehensive layered security infrastructure. Our servers employ the maximum level of protection for your account information, using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Our security system has been vetted and approved by external security consultants.

Our security infrastructure includes the use of multiple firewalls, complemented by an intrusion detection system that alerts our security teams to any attempted security breaches.

What does ring-fencing mean for you?

Ring-fencing is new UK legislation brought in after the financial crisis to protect customers and the day-to-day banking services they rely on. It mostly affects larger UK banks that will have to separate their day-to-day banking from other, riskier, activities such as investment banking.

Most Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank customers will not be affected. If you hear nothing from us directly, then you can assume this is you.

However, a few business banking customers will be affected. If this is you, you will receive direct communication from us to tell you about it.

If you have accounts with other banks, they will be in touch with you to let you know of any changes.

At a time when changes are happening in the banking industry, all bank customers should remain alert to the possibility of banking and online account scams.

Steps you can take to protect yourself include:

  • Treat all letters, phone calls, emails and text messages with caution. Don’t assume they are genuine if they claim to be from your bank. It is best to check with your bank using the number on your card or bank statement.
  • Do not give out your account or card details or make changes to payments unless you are certain who you are dealing with.
  • Never disclose security details, such as the PIN for your bank or credit card or your online banking password. Remember a bank or other genuine organisation will never ask you for these.
  • Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision or acting quickly. A genuine bank or other organisation won’t mind waiting if you want time to think.

Find out more ways to protect yourself from banking and online account scams at:

If you are suspicious about any approach please contact the Bank immediately.

For more information

IBM Trusteer Rapport Security Software

We have teamed up with IBM to bring you the industry leading IBM Trusteer Rapport software for free. Installed on all computers that will access BusinessOnline and used in conjunction with your existing Firewall and Anti-Virus you have the reassurance of additional protection for your Internet banking activity and from identity theft.

IBM Trusteer Rapport Security Software

Security device

This small device supplied as part of BusinessOnline adds an extra layer of security to protect you and your company when using the service. The Security Device is used at login, when contacting the helpdesk and completing certain transactions.

Security Device

Security certificates

Our BusinessOnline service uses 'certificates' to initiate encryption of all communication between you and the Bank and to help ensure the confidentiality of your information. After launching Internet Banking's login screen, you should do the following:

Ensure SSL encryption security is in place, and only accept a valid security certificate. Security certificates for BusinessOnline are issued by VeriSign.

To check these for your operating system and browser, follow the instructions below:

  • Position your mouse pointer over the padlock symbol displayed in the bottom status bar. A text box will display 'SSL 128bit'
  • Double click on the padlock to view the security certificate. A valid certificate will be issued to either '' or '' and today's date should be within the valid date range

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I think I have been a victim of online fraud. What should I do?

If you think that any of your accounts registered with BusinessOnline have been accessed online by anyone not authorised to do so, logout immediately and contact us from the UK on 0800 121 4209 or on (+44) 141 248 4855 from anywhere outside the UK.

Get in touch

Fraud contact details

Meeting your needs

If you think that any of your accounts registered with BusinessOnline have been accessed online by anyone not authorised to do so, logout immediately and contact us on (8am - 6pm, Mon - Fri)

Download and install IBM Trusteer Rapport


Protect yourself now by immediately downloading and installing IBM Trusteer Rapport free of charge if not already installed. Please visit our IBM Trusteer Rapport FAQs and refer to questions:

Do I need to download and install IBM Trusteer Rapport onto every computer I use?

How do I know I am protected?

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